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    Interview of a teacher

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    Interview a classroom teacher or a student teacher with experience in a content area or a grade level in which you do not have experience.

    Determine what effective teaching strategies the teacher implements in his or her lessons for all students.

    Focus your interview questions on the following:

    -Modeling a skill or a concept
    -Building vocabulary
    -Providing opportunities for repeated practice and use
    -Providing immediate feedback
    -Selection, adaptation, and sequencing of current curriculum materials to meet the needs of ELL students
    -Utilizing current materials for SEI Instruction
    -Delivering successful cooperative lessons

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word critique using your interview response.

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    To be sure I address each question in this multi-part assignment. I have copied and pasted the questions here and will respond to each in turn. I am an art teacher, so I teach grades pre-K through 12 at my school.

    -Modeling a skill or a concept: Often when I have assigned and explained a project to the class, I will sit with the students and create a response to the assignment myself. Students cycle by to see my response, and I cycle by to see theirs, offering comments and suggestions for improvement. With ceramics, specifically wheel thrown pottery, I demonstrate to students the pieces we are making before they try.

    -Building vocabulary: One way to cement vocabulary to students is to use it correctly in class to refer to the parts and pieces we are using, and to query students who substitute generic words to help them recall the specific, correct terminology. Restatement is a good tool - rephrasing what the student has asked to make sure the question is clearly understood, again using the proper vocabulary, and requiring them to restate my answer ...

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    Interview of an Art teacher, discussing teaching, Special Eduction and ESL students, and curriculum.