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Using AZELLA to drive instruction

How would you prepare to discuss a student's AZELLA results with an ELL coordinator at the student's school? If the student scored low in speaking, how would you plan on incorporating that skill in your daily routine, lesson design, and delivery?

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The AZELLA is the state of Arizona English Language Learner Assessment. At the Web-based URL: http://civilrightsproject.ucla.edu/research/k-12-education/language-minority-students/do-the-azella-cut-scores-meet-the-standards-a-validation-review-of-the-arizona-english-language-learner-assessment/AZ-Florez_AZELLAFINAL-V7-8-1.pdf.

There is a paper that address whether this assessment meets standards. The conclusion the researchers made after analysis of the assessment and its administration procedures, is that it is not particularly a reliable nor valid instrument.

Regardless of how the assessment is stacking up in the research literature, a teacher who is discussing the scores obtained by a student on their caseload who took this assessment involves ...

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How to discuss AZELLA scores to help ELL/ESL student intervention and teaching strategies.