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Parenting Strategies

Reflect on the strategies used to parent you. What would you have changed about their methods? What did you learn from their parenting skills that you have used or will use as a parent? What did they model that you have not adopted or will not adopt? Why?

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Parenting is hard work. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges parents face is getting your child to do what you want them to do, and to stop doing what you want them to stop doing, all in a way that maintains a good relationship.

One common parenting challenge encountered was teenage curfew. As the coercive style parents, they provided an extreme penalty for a slight violation; they did not listen to the reasonableness of the problem encountered and often times the real explanation of extenuating circumstance. They regarded the rule as more important than the specific needs that were desired.

Many variables come into play that may have mediated these outcomes, such as consideration of my personality and how intensely and consistently the parenting style was used. All children are different and require different ...

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Here the experts evaluate personal parenting strategies. Learn how parents provide various skills and contribute to the growth and development of their children simply by modelling and discipline.