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directional, portifolio, and parenting strategies

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Describe the differences between the directional, portfolio, and parenting strategies. In addition, describe when you would use these major types of strategies.

Differences between the directional, portfolio, and parenting strategies
Usages of those strategies
Value-added responses to peers

Formulate strategies and potential strategic alternatives for different situations.
Discuss the impact of technology on business.

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The directional strategy is a corporate strategy that is adjusted to bring growth, steadiness, and retrenchment. There are several growth strategies that a corporation can choose. There can be concentration, like horizontal integration, or vertical integration. Alternately, there can be different types of diversifications. Growth strategies can be related to growth internally and growth domestically. In sharp contrast another firm may choose to growth globally. In practice, growth strategies are used by a firm that is seeking to grow. For example CISCO acquired Cerent Corporation for $7 billion one of the largest acquisitions of that time. Cerent was an optical equipment maker based in Petaluma.

The Portfolio strategy refers to the markets that the firm competes through product lines and business units. There are many models that help business evaluate their portfolio. For example with the dimensions of industry growth rate and ...

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