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    Triarchic Theory and Big Five Personality Dimensions

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    Relate 10 concepts related to the Triarchic Theory and Big Five Personality Dimensions. Please explain the concept and then provide an example of it on how it currently plays a part in your life or will impact your life in the future.

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    In my everyday life I encounter different personalities from different people that impact my daily interactions and can play a significant role in my future. I also have to address my own personality as my personality determines the type of person I will become and how others interact with me. The BIG FIVE personality dimensions are five of the concepts that have impacted how I interact with others and how others interact with me.

    1. Extroversion doesn't play a major role in my life but it does represent the ability of me to leave my comfort zone to learn how to become more sociable. Being sociable is a good trait for class as well as for jobs because people need to feel comfortable about speaking in front of presentations at work to advance their career. Therefore, when I encounter extroverts in my everyday life, I try to learn from them as much as possible.

    2. Agreeableness is a good trait to possess but can be detrimental if people are too open and trusting. I try to incorporate this into my everyday life by ensuring that I listen to others while forming my own opinion. Being able to interact with people on the job is important, and this requires ...

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