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Big five and personality disorders

How are the Big Five related to personality disorders? References are provided.

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1. How are the Big Five related to personality disorders?

A person's personality affects her or his thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, relationships and even their achievements -- it affects everything in their life. The Big Five personality traits are also related to the personality disorders on the DSM-IV-TR. When these personality traits are balanced and not on the extreme end of the spectrum, a person functions optimally. However, when these personality traits take on extremes, they are implicated in personality disorders. The Bid Five are dimensions representing broad areas of personality. In fact, research suggests that these groupings of characteristics tend to occur together (but not always) in many people: "For example, people who are sociable tend to be talkative. However, since personality is complex and varied, each ...

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This solutions explains how the Big Five theory of personality is related to personality disorders. References are provided.