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    Promoting Student Learning Presentation

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    I need help creating a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation about promoting student learning. Classroom Management should be slide 2 and slide 3 and should include at least one resource like a website, journal etc.,
    Describe how each of the following topics relates to effective planning to promote student learning:

    · Classroom management

    · Family, school, and community relationships

    · Student diversity

    · Response to Intervention

    Summarize at least two points about each of these topics. Include at least one resource—such as a website, organization, discussion forum, journal, or newsletter—that will foster continuing professional growth about each topic. Recommend at least two best practices related to each topic.

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    Learning Team Promoting Student Learning Presentation

    Discuss strategies for promoting student learning.

    The strategic process involved promotes learning and includes 3 different approaches, plus 3 learning styles. The first approach to promote student learning includes the use of interactive technology and materials for students to demonstrate and/or provide examples knowledge and retention. This strategy is projected capture the students who are kinesthetic learners. In the second approach, students will reflect on the scaffolding in-class activity while engaged in the learning process. This strategy is intended to capture the auditory learners. And finally, the last approach is a collaborative learning approach which consists of cognitive development learning. The strategy involves modeling, and observations to comprehend the complex areas. This approach targets the visual learners. Although, 3 different approaches are used, we consider that students learning styles may overlap.

    Slide 1: Promoting student learning is:
    • An active approach
    • Students do not passively acquire knowledge
    • Students are actively engaged in the learning process

    Slide 1 Note: Active learning incorporates various approaches that are relatively simple. Its use can enhance student learning by creating a more interactive classroom environment and by increasing student interaction, motivation and participation they learn more.

    Slide 2: Benefits of promoting student learning
    • Improves communication
    • Enhances interpersonal skill
    • Students learn to problem solve
    • Creates analytical thinkers
    • Builds critical thinking skills

    Slide 2 Note: The approach benefits students by promoting greater interest in the subject material, enhances comprehension and recall learning. In addition, it increases understanding and retention of content, and finally, it builds a desire to want and learn more. Multiple advantages exist in active learning. First by providing a set of options for learning students are able to cover more material and do more efficiently. The strategy also allows the student to concentrate more on ...

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    Discuss strategies for promoting student learning. Brief notes are added in the slide presentation. Recommendation of at least 2 best practices for the topic were made. THIS IS A FOCUS SLIDE.....