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    Investigating Special Education Internet Resources

    Create an annotated bibliography of a minimum of 15 special education websites. 1. Research and provide two to three sentences of information for each site. 2. These websites can be related to professional development, meeting students' learning needs, special education associations, legal rights and resources for parents,

    Cultural Demographics, Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

    Can you assist me with the following: Find the cultural demographics in your local school district by searching the district name and the word "demographics" on the Internet. (Mine is the East Orange School District located in East Orange, New Jersey). Also, use the web pages you visited this week on cultural awareness around

    The Gulen Movement

    The CBS 60 Minutes segment, "The Gulen Movement ( transcript)," will inform Dialogue Discussion on Education and Culture Explain what aspects of intercultural communication you discovered, and then locate and post one example from any source available to you (Web site, link, article, media, and picture). Use this source to info

    False data from surveys

    How would you handle the situation? In research, you have discovered that your data may be compromised. You have been relying on your colleagues to submit actual reading test scores from their classes after administering a new reading program. As it turns out, some of the reading teachers in your district decided not to use t

    Fairness and equality in education

    When creating appropriate, individualized curriculum, it is important to remember that "fair" and "equal" are not the same thing. In other words, if all children are given the same thing, it might be fair, but when children are given what they need, it is fair. For example, if a child is unable to sit at circle time, that chil

    Preventing School Violence

    Due to a growing number of social problems and an increase in the at-risk population over the past two years, as displayed on the "Time Line of Worldwide School and Mass Shootings," (http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0777958.html) acts of violence in schools have increased significantly with physical violence, cyber-bullying, and d

    Creating Supportive Environments

    Read the article on creating supportive environments, "Including Children with Special Needs: Are You and Your Early Childhood Program Ready?" Often in early childhood programs, the environment is seen as the third teacher as it guides and invites children to interact in various ways. As you reflect on this idea of the enviro

    Behaviorism and the Understanding of Learning

    Summarize behaviorism and how it has affected the understanding of learning. Be sure to include the following information: please be specific and include any references please. - A brief history of its founding - The main components of the theory - A brief description of at least 3 behaviorist experiments - How behavioris

    Technology as a Tool vs. as a Tutor

    Respond to the following In 300 words: • Discuss the differences between using technology as a tool and using it as a tutor. • Which use do you think is most prevalent in schools? Why? • Describe software that serves as an assistant and software that enables a computer to serve as a teaching machine. • Discuss the

    Developmental Delays

    PART 1 Can you help me get started with ideas for this part. Three-month-old infants are starting to meet some significant milestones in their development. The story below is about two moms who adore their three-month-old babies. Read the prompt below and discuss what activities the moms could do to maximize their babies' dev

    Culturally Responsive Classroom PowerPoint

    You have been asked by your administrator to develop a PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides) for the staff that will give concrete examples, suggestions and ideas to create a more inviting family-school climate at your site. Your principal understands your desire to make change at your school site and has shown you additional r

    Using Action Research Method to Analyse and Address Bullying

    I was hoping you can answer a couple of questions for me. 1) Have you had any experience conducting any type of research? If so, what was the study about? 2) What are examples of some problems that educators might study, using an action research model?

    Assessing Response to Intervention (RTI)

    Mary Quest, an early childhood teacher of 15 years, has shared two narratives of her experiences with response to intervention (RTI). After reading Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and the two case narratives below, describe what you see as both the strengths and challenges of RTI. How do you see children getting the support and services

    Law in the Classroom

    The Education of All Handicapped Children Act (EAHCA or EHA), or PL 94-142, "was the first to mandate that schools provide education to students with disabilities" (Powell & Driver, 2013, Section 1.3). Reflect on how key aspects of this law such as FAPE, LRE, IEP, and due process will specifically impact you as a teacher or car

    Family-School Problem Solving

    Summarize the 6 steps involved in conducting family-school problem solving meetings. Explain why this process is ideal when dealing with culturally diverse families. Include why the listening and communications skills are key to successful problem solving. 6 Steps: Step One: Preparing the Student and Parents Step Two: Ori

    The Vaccine Controversy

    I have a discussion that I would like your input and thoughts on. According to Groark & Song (2012), "although vaccinations carry some risks and possible side effects, a child is generally at much greater risk for illness, which could be deadly, if the child is not vaccinated" (Section 6.4). The short and long-term side effe

    Ms. Jung's Class

    Please assist me with the following: Read the case study of Ms. Jung's class, Level C, Case 1 in "Norms & Expectations." http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/ICS-003.pdf Then, complete the assignment found on page 11, at the bottom of Level C, Case 1. To complete this assignment, you will need to revi

    Adult Online Learning

    Please help with the following: Explain how historical antecedents impact adult online learning. Explain contemporary problems with adult online learning. Include theories/frameworks that are particularly relevant to adult online learning. Include how one could contribute to social change in this field.

    Power Point Presentation for Early Childhood Parents Meeting

    Can you help me with 15 slides and indepth speakers' notes and them I can complete it. I really need a total of 27 slides to complete the project. Thanks original only please. Parent Meeting PowerPoint Develop a PowerPoint presentation designed for a parent meeting. The goal is to inform parents of how your program aligns c

    Putting It All Together: A Case Study

    Please assist me with the following: After reading about Charlie in "Putting It All Together: A Case Study," http://nichcy.org/schoolage/placement/disc-details/example briefly explain whether you would want Charlie back in your class. Did the school follow the correct disciplinary procedures? Discuss why or why not. Wou

    Technology and Learning Styles

    1. Give examples of how technology can be used to facilitate authentic learning. 2. Give examples of how technology can be used to facilitate anchored learning. 3. Give examples of how technology can be used to facilitate active learning. 4. Give examples of how technology can be used to facilitate cooperative learning.

    Teaching Approaches Debate

    According to the text, when students with disabilities are placed in the general education classroom, there are three widely used teaching approaches that provide a starting point for helping students participate in the general curriculum (Section 2.2). While there are many other approaches, the three most widely used teaching

    A Quick Fixes Diet

    A Quick Fixes Diet The causes and effects in this paragraph are that the lack of discipline and will power of AMERICANS in regard to healthy eating CAUSE them to believe that they can use the same logic toward their Dieting, which leads to the EFFECT of Quick Fix Diets as a result of their beliefs in regard to lack of discipl

    Literature Sources: The Pros and Cons

    I need some assistance with discussing the pros and cons of different sources of literature, including the library, online libraries, academic journals and the world wide web resources.

    Discussing Dietary Habits

    Debbie we have been learning about nutrition this week and I need your help with some thoughts and insights. The following is the lunch menu for 3- to 5-year-old children in your child care center: 6 ounces low-fat milk: 1 milk serving Peanut butter (1½ tablespoons) on ½ slice of whole-grain bread: ½ protein serving and 1


    If a student is engaging in cyber-bullying by threatening a teacher online, should the student be suspended? Why or why not? What authority does a school have regarding a student's behavior at home? Use legal cases to support your views.

    Charter School

    How are charter schools funded? In what ways do you think charter schools may improve public education? In what ways might they be detrimental to public education? Support your answer with research.

    Error Log

    E3 Error Log. NOTE: Now you must do an Error Log for this essay. You will correct the major, numbered errors only, and you will do so in the graded essay file, at the end, after my summary comments. The reason I need your corrections in the graded essay file is so I may see, in one place, both each error and your corrected

    Case Study: Ms. Bosco's Class

    Can you help me with the following please? Case Study: Ms. Bosco's Class Theories about behavior modification include social learning theory, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning. For this task, first, read the articles and watch the videos below on each of these theories: - Bandura - Social Learning Theory: htt

    Early Education Safety

    You have just been hired as the new director of Tinkerbell's KinderCare. You are familiar with food safety principles, but soon realize that your staff is not. Choose one of the following scenarios and describe how you would address the problem with the staff member as well as what specific steps you would take to prevent the p