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Discussing Dietary Habits

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Debbie we have been learning about nutrition this week and I need your help with some thoughts and insights. The following is the lunch menu for 3- to 5-year-old children in your child care center:

6 ounces low-fat milk: 1 milk serving
Peanut butter (1½ tablespoons) on ½ slice of whole-grain bread: ½ protein serving and 1 grain serving
3 ounces blueberry-flavored yogurt: ½ protein serving
½ cup strawberry slices: 1 vegetable/fruit/juice serving
½ cup steamed green beans: 1 vegetable/fruit/juice serving

Several of the children in your center have special dietary needs. Explain how you would alter the menu to accommodate Tyler who has Type 1 diabetes and Annie who is allergic to milk. Be sure to offer specific alternatives to the necessary menu items and explain why these are better choices. Also, address safety precautions for Tyler and Annie that teachers will need to take when preparing these foods for the rest of the class. (200 words in length).

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The safety precautions the teachers have to take is to always wash their hands after touching the food of the other children, and before touching that of Tyler and Annie. They may also need to separate the special diet kids, particularly Annie from the rest of the group, in case someone's food spills over. For Tyler, they have to ...

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This posting requires knowledge about dietary habits of young children, and how they can be maximimized for good nutrition. Additionally, several children in the center have special dietary needs so the post took this into account as well. Safety precautions for several children were also important to bear in mind.

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