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    Socio-ecological models (SEM)

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    1-Description of a social determinant of health that impacts health issues such as heart disease in low-income communities.
    2-Proposing an intervention based on one level of the Socio-ecological models(SEM). Be specific and provide examples.

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    Based on 12 descriptive studies retrieved in the review titled "Applying the Socio-ecological Model to Improving Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among Low-Income African Americans", (Robinson, 2008), dietary behaviors and fruit and vegetable intake of African Americans are the result of a complex interplay of personal, cultural, and environmental factors that can be categorized and described using the five levels of influence conceptualized by the Socio Ecological Model: Intrapersonal level (taste preferences, habits, and nutritional knowledge and skills), Interpersonal level/social ...

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    Applying the Socio-ecological Model to improving fruit and vegetable intake among low-income African Americans.