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The Ecological Model

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Describe the ecological model and apply it to a social issue that is of interest to you. Be sure to show how the social issue you choose can be explained from an ecological perspective.

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The expert describes the ecological model and applies it to a social issue.

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The Ecological Model

The ecological model is a psychological position that recognizes that the individual and their environment have an interwoven relationship (Moore, n.d.), thus behaviour is constructed and situated within the environment. Based on the work of Barker (1968), ecological psychology posits that humans behave according to the construct, context and demands of their environment. For example, socialization has taught us how to behave in school, in church, at parties or at home. Certain environments, certain situations and the presence of certain conditions dictate how we should behave and shape how we feel and think. We must therefore view the environment as a system with certain rules and we behave and react in that ...

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