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    Philosophy of Psychiatry

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    What is a fugueur? What is fugue disorder? What is the distinction between epileptic and hysterical fugue disorder? Why doe Hacking select fugue disorder to elucidate psychiatric diagnosis? Why does he not use a disorder more familiar to us? Explain how popular travel was part of the ecological niche of fugue disorder. What socio-economic class did fugueurs come from? Was fugue a male disease? Why or why not? Why could a homeless person not be a fugueur?

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    You have a lengthy question there with some tricky aspects. I have broken down the question and given possible explations. You might find the following article useful as it addresses most of the issues raised by your problem.

    [Times Literary Supplement, July 16, 1999]

    What is a fugueur?
    A fugueur is one who travels aimlesly, but with an impulse or conviction. The appearance is "normal" and behaviour seems to be purposeful.

    What is fugue disorder?
    The disorder relates to actions or behaviour without consciousness or at least conscious recall. Under DSM diagnosis, fugue is a ...