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Putting It All Together: A Case Study

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After reading about Charlie in "Putting It All Together: A Case Study," http://nichcy.org/schoolage/placement/disc-details/example briefly explain whether you would want Charlie back in your class. Did the school follow the correct disciplinary procedures? Discuss why or why not. Would you have done anything differently, according to IDEA's procedures? If your answer is "yes," how will you support Charlie so this doesn't happen again? If your answer is "no," where do you think is his most reasonable placement, and why?

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Discusses the case study of Charlie in Putting it all together.

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Because Charlie had never had behavior problems in school prior to this occurrence, and it was determined by his IEP team that his behavior was not related to his learning disability, they did take the appropriate steps of discipline. Because he would be out of school for longer than 10 days, it is necessary for him to be placed in an alternative education setting such as in-school suspension or alternative education (1). I think in this particular case, it is a possibility that there may be things going on at home ...

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