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    Help in Structure of an APA research paper

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    Question- How should this Case Study Assignment be written APA (Structured, Formatted?) Can you explain or give me any samples, examples?

    I already did the research! (Background, Present behavior, Theories, etc.) I just need to know How to Structure/format this type of Case Study paper. For instance, just explain and or show the correct structure of a paper like this. I am Not asking to have it done for me. Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks!

    The purpose of Case Study 1 is to provide an opportunity to demonstrate course-related knowledge in speaking more "deeply" about one specific client. Your case study will identify specific behaviors and how those behaviors are evaluated in light of a specific theory. You will also identify ways that specific behaviors can be addressed in a manner consistent with the theories of your field.

    Choose a case, circumstance, or situation at your site. If an appropriate case cannot be obtained from your site, then you may complete a case study on a historical or fictional character. You will need explicit permission from your instructor to use a historical or fictional character.

    Discuss the following steps with your supervisor:
    • Without violating confidentiality, provide background information on your subject (or group/situation), including behaviors observed, any medical information that is available, socio-cultural factors that might affect treatment, etc.
    • Provide information about current behaviors, specifically maladaptive behaviors, and current treatment plans/progress.
    • Using knowledge gained in your study of psychology in general and your cognate, in particular, provide a brief theoretical explanation of your case.

    Using knowledge gained in your study of psychology in general and your cognate, in particular, identify a treatment plan detailing how you would continue to work with this case. (This treatment plan may be hypothetical.)

    The paper must fulfill the following criteria:
    • 3-4 pages
    • Current APA format
    • This document must maintain the strictest level of confidentiality.

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    My solution for you, based on what you have indicated takes on the fact that you have already done your research and it is the outline and presentation you need help with. First off, the essentials -

    • Font - Times New Roman
    • Size - 12 point
    • Spacing - double spaced
    • Margin - 1 inch margins

    Outside of this, a title page is essential, plus a 'table of contents' if the paper is long using. An abstract as well as a list of References or your Bibliography will complete your paper. For more on this, visit this advise page from Rasmussen College - http://rasmussen.libanswers.com/faq/32563

    So how should your outline look? It depends if you want it general or detailed. If you know the specific sections for where you are to discuss or ...

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