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Merits of APA and Professional Communications

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1) Why is it important for professionals to have effective writing and communications skills.

2) If a student creates for their personal reference a correctly formatted APA style template for a psychology paper that they can use for their projects and assignments throughout college as well as for any future APA style publications. Is this beneficial to that student?

3) How and why is this correctly formatted APA style template for a psychology paper beneficial to that student?

Why is APA formatting so critical?

Use a minimum of one or two scholarly sources to support your solution. Use APA format to cite your sources.

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This solution provides personal notes and reference links to demonstrate the merits briefly of APA formatting and professional speech and writing.

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1) Why is it important for professionals to have effective writing and communications skills.

Professionalism warrants from one's clothes, morals, speech, leadership, values, mannerisms, actions, interactions, body language, and communication. Because proper written and speech skills reinforce that one possess confidence, expertise, and skills, effective writing and communication skills ensure that one is interpreted and seen as competent and an expert. Since our words carry so much merit, both in writing and speech, it is integral for a professional to write and speech with clarity.

Because professionals must engage in a variety of written and speech contexts on the job, these skills are vital. Research affirms that "Writing systems, combined with more recently invented ...

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