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    ID Terminology Change: Rosa's Law

    Discuss the information on "Rosa's Law." Why do you think the change in terminology occurred? What are the benefits you can see because of the change in labeling from mental retardation to intellectual disability?

    WEB 2.0 and Business Management

    Compare and contrast how web 2.0 is being utilized for knowledge management in large organizations constructing elaborate in-house systems versus grass-roots knowledge sharing and collaboration. What are some costs and benefits to either strategy? Where might one approach make more sense than another? Please include references.

    Cognitive Behavorial Therapy Program

    A $1 million project to develop an eight-course CBT program for city employees has been limping along for six months and has had two project managers. The project is behind schedule and the client is complaining. Nothing has been produced. The project team is floundering, individuals are not getting along, and there is little di

    Kirkpatrick's model of evaluation

    Recent research indicates that most companies conduct level 1 evaluations, and many conduct level 2 evaluations. However, organizations infrequently conduct evaluations at levels 3 and 4. Describe several possible reasons why companies conduct few evaluations at the higher levels, and explain how you would attempt to increase th

    Motivation, Volition and Performance

    Please help me with this question, applying volition strategies effectively can also be related to good work habits. What are some strategies that one might apply to strengthen their volition? How can these strategies to promoted through an online course:

    Learning in a post-industrialized world

    Can you help me with this question, what are some characteristics of the learning process and learning environment can you envision for a postindustrial paradigm of instruction? What are some of the barriers to making this type of instruction a reality?

    Online learning problem scenarios

    E-Learning Case Studies Read the scenarios below and select three to construct a proposed solution. Share your solutions with your peers in this forum. Make sure to respond to at least two of your peers with insights, comments, and thoughtful suggestions on ways to expand their thinking. -It's 11 pm and the student has

    Cognitive Load Theory: Medical Education

    Relating cognitive load theory to medical education, how can this theory be applied in lesson planning? We must only use this one theory to describe how we can apply the theory behind this process in medical education lesson planning. For example, if we were to teach the student on the ECG tracing of the heart in a 3 hour sessio

    Education Reform Issues

    What education reform issues or treat are we face today? How is this affecting our students and teachers?

    Dissertation Committee and Grad School

    Discuss the importance of establishing a positive and professional relationship with the Dissertation Chair and Committee. What strategy should be used for publishing research?

    Critical ThinkingaCritical Thinking Skills and Online Learning

    For powerful online collaboration and critical thinking to take place, students must be engaged in productive inquiry and analysis. Dr. Levine, Dean of Humanities at Southwestern College states, "The school that fails to teach critical thinking fails at everything" (Interview, October of 2010). If we are to create and facilitate

    Educational Decisions

    Use the attached scenario to address the following: Explain the subject(s) or subject's topics. Describe the case study's educational setting and social situation. Give details about the learners including age, background, learning profiles, and others. Describe the educational concern or the purpose for th

    Analyzing Adult Learning Assessment Techniques

    Discusses the different types of assessment commonly used in adult learning. Analyze the attached literature and determine which is the most effective assessment process. Kirkpatrick, D. (2012). Types of Evaluations in Instructional Design. Retrieved March 2, 2014 from: http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/isd/types_of_eval

    Do Districts Need a K-12 Technology Curriculum

    Explain the need for a technology curriculum in grades K-12. This can include addressing an issue within the curriculum. Describe who will provide expertise and input on the development and the roles everyone can play.

    Andragogy and Heutagogy

    Discuss and critically analyze heutagogy. Discuss the similarities and differences between andragogy and heutagogy 4 Page Minimum with noted references Blaschke, L. (2012). Heutagogy and Lifelong Learning: A Review of Heutagogical Practice and Self-Determined Learning, The international Review of Research in Open and Di

    Understanding Educational Models

    Compare and contrast different approaches to instructing self-directed learners. What are some recommendations for teaching self-directed learners? Are there some approaches to teaching self-directed learners that are generalizable across different contexts? Cunningham, J. (2010). Self-direction: A critical tool in dist

    evaluating curriculum for public schools K-12

    Who should have primary responsibility for evaluating the curriculum for public schools K-12 and private schools K-12? Is there a difference? Who should have input on how effective the curriculum is?

    Tyler's Curriculum Approach

    Discuss Ralph Tyler's curriculum approach specifically design, development, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum. How would this approach be used as a guide for K-12?

    National Education Standards Essay

    Discuss educate America act and no child Left behind Act 2001 Discuss the intent and impact of the two approaches. Is it a good idea for the United States to have a single set of national education standards for grades K-12? Please explain and support it with sources.

    K-12 Curriculum History

    Based on a K-12 curriculum area please address the following: 1. Research and briefly summarize the curriculum history of a country other than the United States. 2. What are the major movements in the curriculum history of the United States? -What institution(s) (home, church, school, business, or government) influenced these

    Curriculum History of the United States

    Based on a K-12 curriculum area answer the following questions: -Research and briefly summarize the curriculum history of the United States -What are the major movements in the curriculum history of the United States? -What institution(s) (home, church, school, business, or government) influenced these changes? -How have the

    Assessing Other Educators' Attitudes Toward Students' Families

    You let me know you had this book: Amatea, E. S. (2013). Building culturally responsive family-school relationships (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education. ISBN-10: 0205523641 Can you assist me with the following: Read the teacher scenarios in reflective Exercise 2.5 Assessing Other Educators' Attitudes Toward Stud

    Segregation in Schools Today

    Hi Please help, I need two (2) articles about where segregation still exists in schools today. Something in the past 5 - 8 years. I have to write a paper on this and can't find where segregation still exists in schools today.

    Integrating Technology

    From the following technologies brainstorming, computers, database management systems, e-books, educational games, electronic spreadsheets, illustration software, internet video, podcast/webcasts, R.S.S. feeds, search engines, special needs software, touch screens, virtual reality, web 2.0, word processors or World Wide Web, ho

    Reflection on Academic Community & Personal Development

    Describe the academic and personal proficiencies you bring to the University Community. Include your knowledge, skills, important experiences, and major accomplishments. Identify areas that you would like to develop to become an even more effective and valuable member of the community. Explain the ways that you believe the Uni

    Epstein's Six Types of Involvement Interactions

    Can you please assist me with the following: Thinking about the readings and your authentic personal experience, based on Epstein's six types of involvement interactions, which ones have you observed? Reference: Griffin, D. & Steen, S. (2010). School-Family-Community Partnerships: Applying Epstein's Theory of the Six Accor