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    Cognitive Behavorial Therapy Program

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    A $1 million project to develop an eight-course CBT program for city employees has been limping along for six months and has had two project managers. The project is behind schedule and the client is complaining. Nothing has been produced. The project team is floundering, individuals are not getting along, and there is little direction. You have been hired as the third project manager. How will you approach this situation? What will you do in terms of the leadership skills that you will exhibit? What aspects of leadership can be focus on first, second? How can this team be brought together? Please include references.

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    I would first verify the purpose of the eight courses with the client. This way I know what it is that is to be developed exactly. Then I would meet with the team and figure out what their ideas of the purpose of the courses are. From there I ...

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    This solution discusses how to manage a team in building a program. The expert determines what will happen in terms of the leadership skills that you will exhibit. The aspects of leadership that can be focus on first and second is given.