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    Educational accommodations for a handicapped child's IEP

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    Describe considerations for developing the Individual Education Program for a student with physical disabilities, other health impairments, or severe sensory disorders.

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    To develop an IEP for a particular student, the IEP team makes recommendations that will be in the child's best interests, and provide what the law refers to as the "least restrictive environment" for the student's school day.

    The IEP team members will vary, depending on the child's specific disability. Usually, at LEAST the Special Education teaching professional who has this child on their caseload will conduct the meeting, and the parents/guardians of the child will be notified of the meeting in accordance with the law. Occasionally, and more commonly as the child grows older, the child will be asked to be present also, as the transition to adult life begins, and the child begins to assume responsibility for him/her self.

    Other professionals who usually attend are the child's regular education teachers, so that all are informed what modifications have been included in the IEP for this child. Other professionals who may be invited to attend, again depending on the child's disabilities, might include the Counselor at the school, or the child's personal private psychologist or psychiatrist (sometimes just their written recommendations are sent to be ...

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    Discussion of what accommodations might be made for a physically handicapped student at their IEP meeting.