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    EHCA and IDEA Journal articles

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    Can you summarize/critique the journal article that is attached?

    Thank you.

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    An abstract is generally around 100-200 words long and contains the purpose of the article, the methodology used in the research, the results of the study done and the conclusions (1) .


    The article Including Students with Disabilities into the Regular Classroom discusses how the Education for the Handicapped Children Act (EHCA)and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) have help to include children with handicaps and disabilities in the general mainstream classroom environment. This may be difficult; however providing a comfortable fit for all students is obtainable (5).

    In most classrooms, teachers are responsible for creating and implementing their own educational or lesson plans for all their students, which includes modifications for students with disabilities. Accommodations can be and should be made to help ease the student into the general classroom setting, as some students may also have social and behavioral issues as well. By collaborating with special education educators, regular teachers can use their experience to assist with possible modifications in differentiated instruction.

    It is necessary to look at the needs of each individual student as no student is exactly like another. The Academic, Physical, and Interpersonal (API) Inclusion Plan ...

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    Discusses the Education for the Handicapped Children Act (EHCA)and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). With references.