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    Multifactor evaluation process

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    Describe a multifactor evaluation process.

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    I am an educator who works with special ed students on a daily basis, with this fact in mind, using the multifactor evaluation process is second nature for me. This is an example of how I use MEP for writing out instructional evaluation programs (IEP) for my students: Side note: this is from a guide that I wrote a few years ago.

    This should explain to you each part of a typical multifactored evaluation, the uses for each section, and why they are necessary in providing information for the IEP. This should explain and examine the parts of MFE's for Severe Behavior Handicapped children that need an individualized behavior modification plan on the IEP or who have ADHD symptoms or children with an SLD evaluation or specific learning disability eligibility. Let's begin!
    When you sit down with your child's Multifactored Evaluation Team (you are apart of this team), you will start off with a Part I with your child's name, date of birth, student identification number (if available), parents/legal guardian/surrogate, address, telephone number, district of residence, district of attendance, etc. You'll then get to a short section that consists of the names and positions of persons making the referral. There will be a description of concern that will include any suspected disabilities that led to the referral. In this section, there should be given a detailed description of specific problems your child may be having and not just the typical "below grade level in reading" bologna. It should be something like; "Tammy" has difficulty identifying unknown words when reading text. She only has a minimal sight word vocabulary and appears to possess limited to no phonics skills. She is not able to use picture clues or other strategies to determine word meanings, etc.


    This is a summary of interventions implanted as they relate to the particular area of concern and the outcome of the interventions.

    What was done:
    This should be specific!
    Such as:
    Chapter I services, one-to-one instruction with aid, communication board, etc.

    Who monitored:
    Who was the teacher?
    Who was the intervention team?

    One grading period? An entire school year?

    What was done? (specifically)
    For example:
    Sits closer to teacher, vocabulary list shortened, etc.

    A summary and interpretation of each area is needed.

    A. Teacher/classroom information (effective strategies, interventions, areas of concern) provided by:
    If there is any information not formally included by your child's teacher that was not included on the front page, it needs to be put here. If there are things that were tried in the classroom that worked even for a short period of time, they need to be written here. Interventions that did not fit on the first page can be placed here as well. Areas of concern could be things like disorganization or no returned homework or unfinished class work.

    B. Educational history provided by:
    This is where all your child's history of schools, grades, special services like Speech, previous test scores that were done as a group like the Proficiency tests and how your child compared, etc.

    C. ...

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