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Assessing Other Educators' Attitudes Toward Students' Families

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You let me know you had this book:
Amatea, E. S. (2013). Building culturally responsive family-school relationships (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education.
ISBN-10: 0205523641
Can you assist me with the following:
Read the teacher scenarios in reflective Exercise 2.5 Assessing Other Educators' Attitudes Toward Students' Families. Chose one of the following teachers to respond to: Teacher 1, Teacher 2, or Teacher 3. Summarize and critique what you would expect from this teacher if you were a parent of a student in their class. Then respond as if you were the principal/administrator of this teacher. Create a 3-5 page plan to include the following: 1. How would you sway this teacher to understand the importance of a family/school partnership?
2. What suggestions would you make to encourage your teacher to make positive change? What resources would you suggest to this teacher?
3. Include ways to support this teacher as well. You must include at least two resources to support these suggestions to encourage a positive family/school partnership.

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In my opinion, it appears that the third teacher feels that a great deal of time is already spent preparing lesson plans for the students as well as planning for ways to run the classroom; therefore, they do not feel that it should be a requirement to plan things for the parents to do also. This teacher does not appear to be comfortable when working with the parents, and also appears that they does not feel adequately trained to work with the parents; nor do they want the parents to ask questions about what is being done in the classroom and why these things are being done. It is a good idea for a teacher to have an open door policy when it comes to discussing the student; however, in the case of this teacher it does not appear to be that way. It also appears that this teacher does not have the confidence needed in their own teaching ability to discuss the student's work with the parents (1).

A plan for this teacher could be to understand how important it is to have open communication with all parents of their students. Research shows that successful and productive schools find ways to encourage and support communication between parents and teachers and work to foster a good relationship. In these types of schools, teachers often consult with parents and they are invited to become an active part in the academic success of their children (2). Communicating with parents may be challenging for teachers, but the amount of time spent communicating can be beneficial ...

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This solution discusses a scenario in the book "Building culturally responsive family-school relationships" regarding a teacher who is not effective at communicating with parents.

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