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Communication and Relationships in Education

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Discuss the importance of fostering communication and positive relationships between teacher and family. What are the benefits to the children if their teacher encourages communication as a productive two-way street promoting input from the family? Describe how family attitudes toward education or school influence their child's learning progress. What communication methods do you utilize to stimulate active family participation in the school and home education partnership?

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The family is a student's first teacher, and for many students, the family is a constant presence. Students will have many school teachers over the course of their educational career, but most will have fewer changes in family dynamics. This is why positive relationships between teacher and family are important to school success. Positive relationships improve communication, which makes it easier for both teachers and families to identify factors that influence education - positive factors ...

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This discusses the importance of communication and relationships between the school and students' homesIt also includes links for further research, and techniques to foster good relationships.