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ID Terminology Change: Rosa's Law

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Discuss the information on "Rosa's Law." Why do you think the change in terminology occurred? What are the benefits you can see because of the change in labeling from mental retardation to intellectual disability?

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It was on October 5, 2010 when President Obama signed "Rosa's Law", a legislation that requires the changing of "mental retardation" with "intellectual disability". The outdated terms, "mental retardation" and "mentally retarded" will be replaced with "individual with an intellectual disability" or "intellectual disability" when in use at the federal health, labor policy, and education. Only the terms are changed, the rights and benefits are the same. (SF1, 2013)

A year before that, the Marcelino Family, with the help of Sen. Milulksi, worked together to introduce a bill banishing the term "mentally retarded". One of the children ...

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Rosa's Law is explained in the solution. The benefits of the law are examined. Why the change in terminology occurred and the benefits of changing the label from mental retardation to intellectual disabilities are determined.