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    Loaded Terminology and Legislation

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    The media frequently uses loaded terminology, but what is the outcome when legislators use loaded terminology?

    I think we all can agree that the economy is a hot topic and there are many theories on what should be done. I think one of the ways that officials slant the views is by using loaded terminology.

    Consider the types of statements being made regarding the economy by politicians: Are they filled with loaded terminology and biases? Is it ethical for legislators to use loaded terminology and biases when making their cases for policy changes? Explain.

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    When legislators use loaded terminology, they make decisions that are biased and are driven by the agenda of the political party. Usually, legislators are supposed to make economic decisions based on facts; instead they make economic value judgments. The use of loaded terminology leads to harmful outcomes for the country. Usually loaded terminology is used to make short term political gains for the party but there is long term economic loss for the country. In some cases, there is economic benefit for a geographical area that represents the ...

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