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Help With Writing a Letter

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Can you please correct the sentences and please re - write the whole letter. Letter should be pleasing and professional. If you want add few more sentences, please do so. Can you please email as soon as possible. Here is the information.

Hi Robert,

I need more clarfication on the few things. Can you please respond as soon as possible.
i.) Looks like your insurance has been loaded up with employer's liability, but where is the commercial general liability insurance? I think Might be a UK vs. N. America terminology thing? Can you please let me know how expo is protected here and can you please explain it in 'American' terms?
ii.) There are some Terms & Conditions in Schedule C that are applicable for this kind of work, You cannot just scratch the entire schedule C. Can you please let me know so we retain what matters.

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Dear Robert:

I am writing to ask for more clarification and hope that you can respond right away to my questions. In going over the insurance document, I noticed that the contract is top heavy with employer's liability. I understand that this is an important area ...

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An example of how to write a short business letter and how to take information and make it business like. Always be sure to be as clear as possible.

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