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Development of a Forecasting Chart

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I have tried several times and missing a step somewhere in the process.

Rosa's Italian restaurant wants to develop forecasts of daily demand for the next week. The restaurant is closed on Mondays and experiences a seasonal pattern for the other six days of the week. Mario, the manager has collected information on the number of customers served each day for the past two weeks. If Mario expects total demand for the week to be around 350, what is the forecast for each day of next week?

Number of Customers

Day------Week 1-----Week 2
Tuesday-- 52---------48
Wednes--- 36---------32
Thursday- 35---------30
Friday--- 89---------97
Saturday- 98---------99
Sunday--- 65---------69

Forecasting. Develop a forecasting chart, using MS Excel. Include the steps used in your forecast.

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