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Regression Analysis

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These assignments will help you learn about statistical models for forecasting. You will learn about time series methods, such as the moving average, exponential smoothing, and linear trend line and, regression, which is used for forecasting by establishing a mathematical relationship between two or more variables.

Read Chapters 6 and 7 in your text and solve the following problems found in the Problems and Applications section:
Chapter 6: 1 through 3

Using the data in the Excel in the file Home Market Value, construct a scatter chart for market value versus age and add a linear trendline. What is the coefficient of determination? What does this mean? What do you conclude?
Using the data in the Excel file Demographics, determine if a linear relationship exists between unemployment rates and cost of living indexes by constructing a scatter chart and adding a trendline. What is the regression model and R1?
Using the data in the Excel file Student Grades, construct a scatter chart for midterm versus final exam grades and add a linear trendline. What is the regression model and R2? If a student scores 85 on the midterm, what would you estimate her grade on the final exam to be?

Please see attached, Ignore the tab about the closing stock files on the excel spreadsheet.

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Solution Summary

The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of regression analysis. Formula for the calculation and Interpretations of the results are also included.

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