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Making a Simple Regression Into a Multiple Regression

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You may add any second variable.Please find attached a simple regression analysis, and make it a multiple regression analysis example(i.e., with two independent variables). I have attached the one variable analysis (simple) for reference. You may add any variable with any dummy data.

(a) Please address your final choice between the simple regression model and the multiple regression model. State why or why not (based on the adjusted R-square, or other justified reasons). Manual work is mainly finding n, p, and R-square,etc. The Excel stats functional work is mainly showing the computer printout from using "Data Analysis" in Excel.

(b) Make residual analysis to check if the regression model assumptions are valid or not.

Height (in) Weight (lbs)
71 125
70.5 119
71 128
72 128
70 119
70 127
66.5 105
70 123
71 115

Is there a relatinship between the height and weight of a group of teenage girls?
Find the linear regression equation to use the height to predict the weight.

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