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Develop a multiple linear regression model & compare

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Develop a multiple linear regression model.

A sample of twenty automobiles was taken, and the miles per gallon (MPG), horsepower and total weight were recorded. Develop a linear regression model to predict MPG using horsepower as the only independent variable. Develop another model with weight as the independent variable. Which of these two models is better? Explain.

MPG Horsepower Weight
44 67 1844
44 50 1998
40 62 1752
37 66 1797
34 63 2199
35 90 2404
32 99 2611
30 63 3236
28 91 2606
26 94 2580
26 88 2507
25 124 2922
22 97 2434
20 114 3248
21 102 2812
18 114 3382
18 142 3197
16 153 4380
16 139 4036

(Note: The data provided contains 19 values only)

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Solution Summary

Your tutorial created three regressions, one simple regression using horsepower, one simple regression using weight and a multiple regression with both horsepower and weight to predict miles per gallon (MPG). The solution is in Excel and used the regression function in data analysis.

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See Excel file attached. Each regression is a separate tab.

The multiple regression explains more of the variance than either simple regression using ...

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