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Statistics Problem Set: Multiple Regression Model

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14.2 Develop a multiple regression model of the form y = b0 + b^x1E.

Using the following data to predict y from x. From a scatter plot and Tukey's ladder of transformation, explore ways to recode the data and develop an alternative regression model. Compare the results.

14.26 Suppose logistic regression is used to develop a second model from the Manufacturing database discussed in problem 14.25 to predict the value of industrial shipments by two variables, Number of Production Workers and New Capital Expenditures. The Minitab output for this analysis is given below. Since number of production workers was used as the single predictor in problem 14.25, how does this output compare to that given in problem 14.25?

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This solution helps with a problem regarding a multiple regression model.

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14.2 For the two transformations (log10y and y^(1/4)), both of them give good linear regressions. In addition, in both cases, around 80% of the total ...

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