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Multiple regressions and variables

Discussion of multiple regression with the topics from Dielman Terry 'Applied Regression Analysis' - A 2nd course in Bus. and Economic Statistics.

Topics (title of chapters) to cover:
- Multiple regression analysis
- Fitting curves to data
- Assessing the assumptions of the regression model
- Using indicator and interaction variables
- Variable selection

Here is the source of my data:
Data set:


1. Will not be using the last variable (year) as there is no connection to the project. Focus on the multiple regression that focuses only on one scenario: professor did ONE experiment (in the description of the first paragraph). I will not use the modified experiment so I will not need the year. Is this correct?

2. There are 5 qualitative variable, is it ok to have so many for the regression for the project? Since multiple regression will not be used, is the data source adequate?

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1. After I read the description of the data, I understood that the professor collected these data from classes in several different years (1993-1998), and that the professor's method of collecting the data changed in the years 1995-1998. If you want to analyze the entire data set (all years), I think it would be important to ...

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The solution regarding multiple regressions and which variables are appropriate to use. The assumption of the regression models are determined.