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Multiple Regressions in Excel

Step-by-Step Statistical situation. I have attached information to supplement the problem listed below:

Use the 7 predictors which are highlighted to develop a regression model in order to predict income. Explain the logic of the initial model; examine the goodness of fit of the model and present a new model, if required, based on an evaluation of the model.
Create a final report that includes the following:
- Executive summary: This section should be a one-page summary of the development of the model, results, and conclusions.
- Introduction: Describe the rationale for the model, how it might be used and an overview of the process to analyze the model.
- Data and methodology: In this section, describe the characteristics of the data (such as the number of variables, number of cases, ranges of values of individual variables, variable types, etc.) and the specific methodologies used in the analysis to evaluate and refine the model.
- Results: In this section show and explain the final model. Include actual calculations that are appropriate to the analysis strategy in an appendix.
- Discussion: This section should contain a discussion of the findings and potential uses for the model.

Note: Include Descriptive Statistics tables for each variable, explain why each was chosen. Check Multiple Regression for accuracy.

I am having trouble understanding how to create my report in a three to four page Microsoft Word document with supporting appendices developed from the appropriate Excel worksheets. I need distinct details on how to accomplish this. Please help.


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