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Project plan forecast

After running a simulation "applying the project life cycle"

I need to describe:
- a communication plan;explaining how progress will be reported

- a forecast of the time required to complete project

- explanation of the project audit process

- budget estimates

- forecasted project outcomes,using quantifiable measures of success.

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1. Provide a communications plan, addressing how progress will be reported to the various project sponsors and executives.
There will be an pre project concurrence on when the Simulation based Project executives will submit these reports.

Kindly think in the following terms:

1. Project Initiation Checklist for Small Simulation based Projects related to the main Simulation based Project. Scooping and sign-off document. It covers the many topics governing a Simulation based Project's charter. Assures your homework is done before asking for money. A Simulation based Project risk assessment spreadsheet.
2. Project managers of the Simulation based Project should use a default Microsoft Simulation based Project template with many useful settings.
3. Issue Log. Probably the most revised document on most Simulation based Projects by Simulation based Project.
4. Project Initiation Kick Off Report. Announcing how you're going to kick off the Simulation based Project. In memo form.
5. Project Initiation Report. This summarizes the results of the Simulation based Project Initiation stage of the Simulation based Project and recommends proceeding to the next stage. It defines what work is to be done, what is to be delivered, how long it will take, by whom, how much it will cost and why it is worth doing.
6. Stage End Approval Report. Simulation based Project Phases are sometimes called "stages". Costing spreadsheet by Simulation based Project stage/phase.
An important form of communication plan is the Project Control Reports: Please think of the following:
1. Change Request Form. Word template.
2. Change Request Log. A register for Change Request Forms. Word template to be filled by the Simulation based Project executive requesting the change.
3. A flash status report: Communicate weekly with this 1 pager. Word template.
4. Project Status Report. Another version of the Flash Status Report. Word template.
5. Issue Log template.
6. Project Board Agendas: "Prototype Simulation based Project Board Progress Review Meeting," "Project Board Progress Review Meeting". This supports one of the governance ideas in the Simulation based Project management process.
7. Quality Review Agenda. Meeting to confirm that the product is complete.
8. Quality Review Exception Item List. What needs to be fixed?
9. Exception Situation Report. This document summarizes how and why the Simulation based Project is in an Exception Situation, the impact of doing nothing, recommended recovery actions, changes to the plan and the impact of this new plan upon the Simulation based Project. The proposed Exception Plan replaces the current Stage Plan.
10. These reports are typically sent on the completion of the project and will be sent to the executives supervising the project.
You should think of the following:

Project Summary
x Simulation based Project description, Scope, schedule, budget, and
quality objectives
Project Performance
x Compare proposal to post implementation audit
x Comment on deviations
Administrative Performance
Organizational Structure
x How did structure impede and/or speed

2. A forecast of the time required completing the project.

Please consider the following: The forecast of the time and the budget required for the Simulation based Project should be done using the PERT/CPM technique. Using this technique will give the Simulation based Project the most accurate forecast and the most economical budget.
Program evaluation and review technique (PERT) charts depict task, duration, and dependency information. Each chart starts with an initiation node from which the first task, or tasks, originates. If multiple tasks begin at the same time, they are all started from the node or branch, or fork out from the starting point. Each task is represented by a line, which states its name or other ...

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Project plan forecast is achieved.