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    Tata Nano

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    The project is about bringing the Tata Nano car to the U.S. and I am in charge of the financial aspect for class. Under this part I need to find and describe the following:

    -Break Even Analysis
    -Sales Forecast
    -Expense Forecast
    -Linking Expenses to Strategy and Tactics
    -Contribution Margin

    I couldn't find any information about the fixed costs (manufacturing, export...) anywhere other than a similar project that I found here (tailored towards Malaysia): http://www.scribd.com/doc/16683088/Marketing-Plan-for-Tata-Nano

    If you could either help me get started with the information listed above or with transforming the financial part of the link listed into U.S. geared figures that would be great!

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    I have put together some figures that I think can help you tailor the Tata Nano financials towards the US marketplace.

    The price to manufacture the vehicle can be estimated at around $2,420. This price includes all taxes, shipment, and assembly costs. The selling price could be about $4,350, which means that each car sold would net $1,930. This is inclusive of standard accessories, but does not include registation, licensing, and sales tax which would all be the responsibility of the purchaser.

    In terms of the break even ...

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    Explains how the Tata Nano car can be brought to the US, including financial data.