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    Consumer purchasing decisions and customer relationship building

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    Country: Great Britain
    Product: Spark Nano Real-time GPS Tracker
    Analyze and Discuss the following elements as they relate to the Spark Nano Real-time GPS Tracker.
    - Consumer purchasing decisions
    - Strategies for building customer relationship and value.

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    Marketing the Spark Nano GPS Tracking Device
    Consumers interested in the Spark Nano GPS tracking device are looking for a way to keep their loved ones safe or to have more control over the activities of their mobile work force. There are many influences on consumer purchase decisions. Cost is a key factor. The Spark Nano device is less costly than other models available. The service costs less than many competitors as well (Rivera, 2010). Consumers are more likely to consider such a product and the technology, if it is cost effective, reliable and gets the job done better than other means of monitoring, such as through cellular devices, in the case of family members, or ...

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    The solution discusses consumer purchasing decisions and customer relationship building.