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Corporate Valuation and Governance

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Define each of the following terms:
a. Mission statement; corporate scope; statement of corporate objectives; corporate
b. Operating plan; financial plan; sales forecast
c. Spontaneous liabilities; profit margin; payout ratio
d. Additional funds needed (AFN); AFN equation; capital intensity ratio; self supporting growth rate
e. Forecasted financial statement approach
f. Excess capacity; lumpy assets; economies of scale
g. Full capacity sales; target fixed assets/sales ratio; required level of fixed assets
h. Financing feedback effects

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The expert examines corporate valuations and governance. The mission statements, corporate scopes and state of corporate objectives are provided.

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Corporate Valuation and Governance
Define each of the following terms:

A. Mission statement; corporate scope; statement of corporate objectives; corporate
strategies The first is the company's overall goal (written) and the general way it supports the goal, the second is the objectives needed to reach the goal, the third is the way the company will do things to reach their goals (which are part of the mission statement).

B. Operating plan-How the organization is to be ...

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