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    Additional funds needed

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    Zieber Corporation's 2010 financial statements are shown below. Forecast Zeiber's 2011 income statement and balance sheets. Use the following assumptions: (1) Sales grow by 6%. (2) The ratios of expenses to sales, depreciation to fixed assets, cash to sales, accounts receivable to sales, and inventories to sales will be the same in 2011 as in 2010. (3) Zeiber will not issue any new stock or new long-term bonds. (4) The interest rate is 9% for short-term debt and 11% for long-term debt. (5) No interest is earned on cash. (6) Dividends grow at an 8% rate. (6) Calculate the additional funds needed (AFN). If new financing is required, assume it will be raised as notes payable. Assume that any new notes payable will be borrowed on the last day of the year, so there will be no additional interest expense for the new notes payable. If surplus funds are available, pay a special dividend.

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