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    Compariosn of forecasting methods

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    Your manager is trying to determine what forecasting method to use. Based upon the following historical data, calculate the following forecast and specify what procedure you would utilize.

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    a. Calculate the simple three-month moving average for periods 10-12.
    b. Calculate the weighted three-month average using weights of 0.50, 0.30, and 0.20 for periods 10-12.
    c. Calculate the single exponential smoothing forecast for period 10-12 using an initial forecast (F1) of 61 and Alpha of 0.30.
    d. Calculate the exponential smoothing with trend component forecast for periods 10-12 using an initial trend forcast (T9) of 1.8, and exponential smoothing forecast (F9) of 60, and alpha of 0.30 and beta of 0.30.

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