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    Do Districts Need a K-12 Technology Curriculum

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    Explain the need for a technology curriculum in grades K-12. This can include addressing an issue within the curriculum. Describe who will provide expertise and input on the development and the roles everyone can play.

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    Technology has become so integrated in people's lives that it is essential to start using it as early as possible. Yes, this does create teenagers who are addicted to their phones and Facebook, and older adults who feel lost when confronted with it, but since students are often exposed to technology early on, why not embrace it and formalize their education with it. Most schools these days have a computer lab. They may also have tablets, projectors, video cameras, SMART boards, mobile labs, data collecting probes, graphic calculators, etc., etc. Starting kids off in kindergarten learning how to use these tools gives them one of the most valuable things they could ever have - experience. If kids are repeatedly asked to use the technology throughout elementary school, then by the time they reach high school they will be very proficient and comfortable using the equipment. In turn, this will probably result in higher student performance, because they will spend less time ...

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    This response discusses the need of a k-12 technology curriculum in a school district. It also offers suggestions as to who should be responsible for the creation of that curriculum and its implementation.