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Personal Affiliations and Networking for Nurse Leaders

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Why are personal affiliations and networking important for nursing leaders. How will personal affiliation and networking benefit nurses in their career future?

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Social networking does not simply apply to websites such as FaceBook, career services, Snagajob, and Monster.com, where people communicate primarily for jobs, personal, and social purposes. However, professional membership organizations have tapped into the electronic networking to advance careers for their members. Recruitment on social networking sites like LinkedIn provides opportunities for professionals to gain employment.

Professional networking is intended to give careers an internet presence that allows professionals to communicate with colleagues ...

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Don't be a painting on the wall when you attend a networking meeting, join a networking site, and don't spend all your time with people you already know. Networking is an active behavior.

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B. Personal affiliations and networking are important for nursing leaders. Why are these important? How will they benefit a nurse in her career future?u.

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