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    Leaders and influence: base of power, politics, networking, etc.

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    Questions for analysis

    After reading the attached case, please relate your answers to ideas on influencing.

    1. Discuss what bases of power does Conrad King have?

    2. Do you see politics and networking in the case?

    3. What do you think of Conrad's leadership in the New Research Lab and Marion? That is, is his leadership effective and ethical?

    4. What do you recommend Sarah do now? Assume that she wants to stay at Marion and become a good leader

    Be as detailed and actionable in your recommendation as you can.

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    It is am interesting case of power politics. I am answering your questions one by one.

    1. In general, there are seven bases of power. They are:
    a. Coercive Power
    b. Affiliation Power
    c. Legitimate Power
    d. Information Power
    e. Expert Power
    f. Referent Power
    g. Reward Power.
    Conrad King has 'Affiliation Power'. Affiliation Power is observed when somebody is perceived to have the right affiliations or connections with influential individuals to get things done more effectively within the organization". In this case, both the team members and the manager have a perception that Conrad has the ability to influence people and achieve success.

    2. Yes. I certainly see Networking and Politics in this case. For example, when one team ...

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