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Bullard's Elite China Article Review

Discuss Bullard's article (in about 650+ words), primarily addressing the following issues:

Why are models of value to a strategic specialist?

What are the two main categories of model discussed?

Bullard invokes the metaphor of the forest and the trees. How does this pertain to international strategic issues?

What are levels of analysis?

What are "elites" in the context of political models?

What will influence an analyst's selection of variables by which to categorize elites in the political model of a given country?


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This is the basics of the questions. You will want to add a few of your own observations, information about China, to create the word count needed.



Bullard's literature review is based on the efforts of others to categorize the elite members of the Chinese Communist Party, leadership, and government. The emphasis on models has the author reviewing the different approaches to the models each of the reviewed literature presents. Each model has elements that may be the same and some that are different. The approach to the studies is from an elitist theory.

Elitists are those who have power and manipulate to create the processes they support. In China, this is particularly interesting because Chinese leaders, the elite, have ...

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The solution provides insight and advice in tackling the task 8see above) set in the original problem on the topic of Bullard's Article that looked into 'Elite China' (Chinese political model study).