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Just Doing Business or Doing Just Business

Can someone help me summarize the article and express some managerial implications.

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Article Review
Objective: To introduce students to research literature in Management Control and Accounting.
Requirement: Students can find "peer reviewed" articles from journals using LTU's library. Students will prepare a three page (maximum ) memorandum (addressed to your boss) that summarizes the major points of an article (1) and identifies the managerial implications to organizations such as yours. This project is an individual effort.
Evaluation Your instructor will evaluate your memorandum:
10 points - Suitability of the article - is it substantial and reputable?
10 points - Summary of article
15 points - Managerial implications.
5 points - Format - is the paper written in standard English?

References: Not to reference is to plagiarize!

To: Boss
From: Student's name
Date: April 24, 2008
RE: Just Doing Business or Doing Just Business

Dear Boss,
I am writing in regards to an article published by the Journal of Business Ethics (2008). It is entitled, Just Doing Business or Doing Just Business: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and the Business of Censoring ...

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Word document attached reviews an article on censorship in China of companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing.