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Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities

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Question 1
In working environment, when an employee is in the mid of making decision based on Business Ethics dilemma of accept or not for a problem faced. He has to make a decision on doing ethical or doing what previous employee done. The employee's main task is to work instead of pursuing? What ethical involve? How to solve this problem and how to conclude.

Question 2
The concept of Al-Ihsan (Benevolence) is believed to be one of the most effective ways to instill moral ethics and values in oneself simultaneously curbing the rate of unethical behaviors from individual and organization as a whole. Discuss and provide examples where necessary.

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1. When an individual is faced with the decision of doing what is ethical or doing what a previous employee has done, then it is always better for the individual to do what is ethical and just. Doing what's ethical and just will also tend to be the legal thing to do as well, which will serve to keep this individual out of legal trouble. It is indeed the employee's main task to work instead of pursuing etc., but the employee must be sure to work in a manner ...