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Merger Acquisitions for Daimler Benz Chrysler

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8. What are at least four international financial management issues the combined company doing business internationally must address that would not be a concern of a company just doing business domestically?

9. What are some ways in which an international company can protect itself from any adverse effects of or risks from the issues chosen in h. above, giving specific examples from your specific companies?

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In today's world companies have extended their operations outside the domestic region and operate in verities of other countries with different economic, financial and cultural positions. The challenges in case of foreign operations are very different from those within the country. In case of Daimler Benz Chrysler following are some of the key international financial management issues the combined company must address which are not a matter of concern for a company doing business domestically only. Also summarized are some of the ways in which these challenges can be addressed.

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I'm doing a paper about Daimler Chrysler in regards of risk management challenges. I have a section about managing international acquisitions. Need to touch challenges, whether the merger or acquisitions have positively impact the company. Pros, cons, possible synergies, cost savings and moral issues.

Need some help in this section.

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