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Social Inequality Issue: Race & Political Disparity - Uighur

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First, you have to find any news article related to social inequality.

Find a recent news article that addresses social inequality. You may choose to focus on inequality in the U.S. or on global stratification. Note intersections of race, class, gender, and aging. Are several elements of inequality operating in the story? Use your sociological imagination with attention to questions of function, conflict, symbolic interaction, and/or the social construction of reality to write a response and mini-analysis of the article. Think about the larger social, political, cultural and/or economic issues that are at stake in the situation addressed by the article.

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The solution reviews a news article reported by the BBC on the Social Inequality Issue of Race & Political Disparity between the Uighurs & Han Chinese, a current continuing issue ongoing in the Chinese Souther Province of Xinjiang with the city of Urumqi as its hotbed of racial, political and increasingly brutal activities. An in-depth review of the article is provided plus a short history of the Uighurs as well as of their relations with the Han Chinese and Beijing's policies. Larger social, political, economic and cultural issues are addressed. Additional references are provided. The solution is in the form of an essay following the APA-format.

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The solution below is only a sample. Please use this solution as a guide in making a review based on this sample of the article below using your own opinions and perspective. Thank you for using Brainmass, word version is attached.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones
Social Inequality Article review

Article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8138866.stm
Publisher: BBC.co.uk

Social Inequality Issue: Race & Political Disparity - Uighurs & Han Chinese

The News Media of late has been filled with intense coverage of the ongoing riots in the region of Xinjiang in Southern China, in its Capital, Urumqi. Bordering Tibet, it is as far removed as one can imagine from Beijing - provincial and less developed or from Guangdong province - its skylines are skylines and plains are plains - not dominated by massive industrial structures that fuel the demands of global market for cheap products. China as a nation is one of the world's biggest population wise and size-wise. It has massive resources and the capacity to be a superpower. Still, the nation is a communist country, run by a very strict administration that squashed the Tiananmen Square ...

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