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    Prevention of Bullying

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    Bullying is a prevalent issue during middle childhood. Watch The Power of One - School Video Sample. Choose one of the situations presented: Diego, Timmy, or Kendra Briefly describe the situation. Offer suggestions that can be put into place by the teacher, school, and the parents (at least one for each). Use the following sources to support your response:

    Bullies: What is Bullying

    You must address what should be said to the child who is targeted and to the child exhibiting the bullying behavior. You must include what should not be said as well. Include at least one suggestion to be used in the classroom and one suggestion that can be reinforced at home.

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    Kendra.The teacher is speaking to the class after Kendra, an African American student had a terrible first day in school where she was bullied. The teacher pointed out that if a popular child had shown kindness instead of mean-spiritedness, the others might have followed. We all have to examine our actions and sense of responsibility.

    I thought the teacher handled the situation well by speaking to the class about their actions. However, she may have thought to take it a little further, by having some role playing situations and how the victim may feel. The school could have taken a stand by assuring the parents that they would make sure their ...

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