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    Self-Image, Social Competence, and Self-Efficacy

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    Chapter 9 of the textbook explores the principles behind the development of self-image, social competence, and self-efficacy in children. Early childhood educators and families have a crucial role in the positive development of these areas. For this discussion, please create a short article that is at 150 to 200 words long for your parent newsletter or a short two- to three-minute video for a parent presentation. Your article or video should explain to parents what self-image, social competence, and self-efficacy are, the process of development in children, how you will positively support children in the classroom, and ways parents can support this positive development at home. If you choose to create a video, please be sure the file is saved in a format that can be attached or linked in your discussion post for viewing.

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    In your child's classroom this year we will be showing how your child feels about themselves at school, at home and in the community by doing activities that will improve how they see themselves and how they interact with others by working on various projects and performing appropriate behaviors that are acceptable in the community. Parents can help with this by letting their children go ...

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    This is a brief essay of how a teacher kind show students how to feel confident with self and around others.