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Self-efficacy and motivation

What is the relationship between self-efficacy and motivation?
What are the roles of self-efficacy and motivation in the counseling process? How are they relevant?
Analyze these constructs from a behavioral and a social-cognitive perspective.

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Self-efficacy is defined as the self-perceived ability to successfully complete or perform a specific task. For example, when a person who has high self-efficiency is faced with a challenge, such as solving a complex problem or learning a new skill, he/she will expect to rise to the occasion and successfully complete the task or learn the new skill. Motivation is directly related to self-efficacy in the sense that if someone sees themselves as able to handle a situation (high self-efficacy), they will be more motivated to work hard in order to handle the situation successfully. A person with low-self-efficacy (or a belief that a task is too difficult) would not be motivated to perform it ...

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The following solution discusses the relationship between self-efficacy and motivation and their roles in the counseling process. It also analyzes these constructs from a behavioral and social cognitive perspective.