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Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem & Motivation

Ones self-efficacy changes as their personalities develop and they learn new information. Now that they are in college, they say that definitely feel like they are capable of more than they ever thought previously. The experience of attending college and the information we learn in college is one example.

Briefly elaborate on these few statements, is there any truth to them?

!). Does failure necessarily reflect on the people we are? On the other hand, is it about trying again and coming up with new and different ideas that can make us succeed.

2). Is being motivated to learn new things and do better in all aspects of our lives helps our self-efficacy?

Is there any truth to these following statements when trying to enhance the self-efficacy of another person?

3). It helps to have positive supports and role-models. We all know that hearing words of confidence and good praises helps us to do better.

4). Being supportive of others can help with their self-efficacy.

5). Persuading someone to do something positive can be beneficial as well.

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To clarify the concept of self efficacy let us be sure to not mistake this with self esteem. Self efficacy is a person's expectancy of how effective his or her efforts to accomplish a goal will be in any particular circumstance. Self esteem is the positive values a person places on his or her sense of worth. Self efficacy is determined by the the persons experiences whether positive or negative on similar circumstances in the ...

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